Privacy Policy


Feedless servers does not store any credentials, upon signup or login, a public/private key pair is generated and saved only on your local device. If you are using iOS or desktop app, it is saved on your local filesystem and it never leaves your device. If you are using the hosted version at, then it is saved in an encrypted cookie, which is sent on every request so the server is able to publish and read private messages on your behalf, but then discarded after request is over. This is the only cookie feedless uses and it is only used for this purpose.


Content that you read and publish on Feedless are not stored in our database, but rather distributed using the decentralized gossip protocol Secure Scuttlebutt. Any content you publish will be replicated by the network you are connected to and cannot be completely deleted given distributed nature, just hidden. Private messages follow the same path but are encrypted so only the recipients can read.


Feedless does not deploy any analytics, trackers or cookies (other then login one), we cannot track or identify users. If you are using web hosted version, then we do have error tracking by Sentry in case anything goes wrong, and server telemetry with metrics like CPU, RAM, and url paths requested, used for keeping a stable service. If you are using iOS or desktop app, then there is no error tracking or telemetry at all, nothing is captured.

Pubs registration

Secure Scuttlebutt has the concept of pubs, used for replicating the network content. Feedless is a pub itself at If you are web hosted version, then you are reading the pub content directly. If you are using iOS or desktop app, and have no pubs already, then this is the only time ever we make an external http call from the apps, in order to get an invite from, for a better initial user experience.


For any questions, you can file an issue on github or send an email to [email protected]